Hallmark Ranch Alpacas
9518 State Hwy 291, Salida, CO
(719) 539-5293 (leave a message)

Alternate:  Peggy's cell (602) 300-4209

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   Hallmark Ranch Alpacas

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Hello. Thanks for stopping in.  If you are looking for alpacas in Colorado you've come to a great place.  We are a hands-on alpaca ranch located in beautiful Salida, Colorado, the Heart of the Rockies.  We lovingly care for our alpacas in a small ranch environment, providing full time attention to our healthy, well-bred herd.  Many of our animals are for sale and we offer a range of fiber products from our alpaca fleece.  Whether you are looking to purchase alpacas, fiber or fiber products; or simply learn more about these endearing, easy-to-care-for animals, we can help with whatever you are looking for.

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